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What Alumni Say about the Scholars' College:


" wasn't until exploring the "rise and fall" of English in my graduate school department that I realized how vital an education I received at Scholars'. Scholars' overall approach to the Text and Traditions program is actually amazing. My experience in T and T was one that placed emphasis on all disciplines and did not curtail any particular agenda.  Likewise, by dividing class into lecture and seminar, having a Fulbright Scholar in T and T to cover art in the Ancient World, and a push for intense research in the final sections of the class, T and T truly did prepare me for graduate school and my goal in exploring textuality as it is conceived in the 20th century. The unique system of voting on classes and controlling the variety of electives that one takes is almost unheard of in other institutions.  To be able to tell a professor that you are interested in the connection between psychoanalysis and 20th century feminist fiction and see both a classroom and intensive academic research and theoretical training come out of it is something that none of my graduate classmates are able to claim that they have experienced. Scholars' is great place, a sacred place for the communion between mind and knowledge and between experience and thought.  Without my time at Scholars' I would not have been prepared for graduate school.  Without Scholars' I would not have been prepared for life."

Michael James Griffin II '07
University of Tulsa
Master's Candidate


“At Scholars’ I learned that communication skills and independent thinking are the key to success in any occupation. The curriculum at Scholars’ reinforced this through the thesis project and many courses that encouraged independent critical analysis.  If I had attended another university and simply pursued a biology degree, my perspective in medical school would be very narrow. The medical school curriculum does not allow much time or opportunity for literary or cultural education; however, the curriculum at Scholars’ trained me to seek out these opportunities on my own.”

Melody Heiskell ’02
Scientific Inquiry
  medical student
LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans


“Everything I learned inside and outside the classroom prepared me for the real world…  I truly enjoyed being in the Scholars’ College because I made friends for life with my peers and professors.”    

Louis Nelson ’00
Computer Information Systems
Systems Analyst
State Farm Insurance Companies, Bloomington, IL


“Scholars’ was a very intense and intimidating experience.  As a freshman, I doubted that I was capable of completing such a rigorous curriculum.  However, Scholars’ (as promised) provided me not only with the necessary knowledge and skills that prepared me for law school, but more importantly the confidence to believe in myself, my knowledge, and my potential.”

Robin Samson ’02
Humanities and Social Thought
Law Student
University of Mississippi School of Law


 “After meeting other individuals in graduate school who attended other small liberal arts schools in other states, I KNOW that LSC is one of the best educations around.  When we speak about disciplines other than our own, my colleagues often turn to me for answers.  They say that I'm one of the smartest people they know.  I truly believe that they wouldn't say that if I had attended a school other than the Louisiana Scholars' College.  When I look back on my years at LSC, I get excited all over again.”  

Bess Vincent ’02
Humanities and Social Thought
PhD Candidate in Sociology
Tulane Univeristy

“It has become clear to me that my development as an artist owes a huge debt to my experiences at the Louisiana Scholars’ College.  My way of working, my base of knowledge, my ways of thinking, all of my artistic reservoirs flow from the waters of LSC.”

Gregory Romero ’99
Fine and Performing Arts
graduate student in playwriting
University of Texa

What the Reviewers Say:

In evaluations of the Scholars' College, outside reviewers point to our unique curriculum, the dedication of our faculty, the true sense of community, and, most important of all, what these features do for our students:




“… I was very impressed with the program.  The core curriculum has elements which could be models for the nation in undergraduate liberal arts education.”

Dr. Sandra Gilchrist
Professor of Biology
New College of Florida


“What was striking in the Scholars’ students I met was that they had been, and were being, transformed by the College, that they were aware of this, and were excited and impelled by it because the formation was opening new worlds to them. What I saw in them were students who…could articulate their thoughts with passion and clarity, who were used to speaking up and sharing their thoughts with others and had no hesitancy to do so, and who listened to others and attempted to address their concerns. While it is common in academic life to speak about our educational ‘communities,’ often there is little substance behind this talk.  But it was clear in the interactions of the Scholars’ students with one another and with ... myself that they truly were part of a vibrant community centered on their intellectual work. This community is a combined result of the curriculum, the students’ living together, their extra-curricular activities, and the spirit that guides all of these things.  That spirit in turn is in large part a testimony to the hard work, dedication, and understanding of the faculty.”

Dr. Glen E. Thurow
Professor of Politics and former Provost
 University of Dallas