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Rondo Keele


Rondo Keele comes to the Scholars' College from a position at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.  His specialty is medieval philosophy, in particular William of Ockham.  He will also teach Introduction to Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Logic, and World Religions, a subject enriched by his stay in Egypt where he had the opportunity to enter a number of the pyramids (for insight into the ancient world) and to be surrounded by Muslim culture (increasing his understanding of this major religion).

Dr. Keele studies mediaeval manuscripts in his research and enjoys Latin literature.  He recently presented a paper called "The Matter of Soul:  Candia Contra Averroistas," at the International Workshop on Peter of Candia hosted by the University of Cyprus.  In addition, he's currently working on Islamic influences on mediaeval Chrsitian theories of the soul.  Look for his article  "Can God Make a Picasso? William Ockham and Walter Chatton on Divine Power and Real Relations", forthcoming in the Journal of the History of Philosophy:

Once he adjusts to the difference in humidity between the Sahara and Natchitoches, he hopes to become better acquainted with our native birds.

Dr. Keele's CV