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Curt Phifer


A behavioral neurobiologist whose research focuses on the neural control of feeding behavior, Curt Phifer has taught at Florida State and the University of Kentucky. Before coming to the Louisiana Scholars' College, he served as Research Assistant Professor at Duke University, where he began work on brain activity and computer imaging.

Dr. Phifer's current research is focused on the effects of specific nutrients on feeding behavior, and he uses behavioral, physiological, and neural analyses in his laboratory. In this work, he has collaborated with colleagues at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge. In his own lab and in collaboration with other researchers, Dr Phifer uses immunological labeling techniques to identify nerve cells involved in the control of feeding. This research has been supported by funding from the Board of Regents and the Whitehall Foundation. In addition to research presentations at numerous international scientific conferences, Dr. Phifer has published his work in several scientific journals as well as chapters in books from Oxford and Elsevier.

An avid proponent of undergraduate research, Dr. Phifer regularly involves students in his laboratory, viewing such experiences as an integral part of training in scientific inquiry. He is also is faculty advisor to the pre-med club and teaches introductory biology and upper level courses on developmental biology, neurobiology, and evolution.

Dr. Phifer's CV