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Now that you are part of the Scholars' College, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities the Scholars' College and Northwestern State have to offer:


Study Abroad

Northwestern State University is a member of the International Student Eschange Program (ISEP). This program allows all NSU/LSC students the opportunity to study for the same cost (tuition, fees, room and board) as a regular semester here!  Interested? Visit and begin exploring the possibilities!

"ISEP was a life-changing experience for me. I had the opportunity to study abroad in South Africa my junior year, which was an incredible chance to connect to a culture so different from the place where I grew up. I met so many wonderful people, many with whom I remain in contact 7 years later, including locals and fellow study abroad students. ISEP was a perfect introduction to the international community in a safe and manageable forum, perfect for any undergrad student with an open heart, open mind, and curiosity and hunger to learn more about the world."

Liz Maxwell
Humanities and Social Thought; History '08

NSE is is domestic exchange program with over 180 campuses. Students can study almost anywhere in the United States and some US territories for up to one year. Visit for more information or contact Dr. Keith Dromm at


As a Politics, Philosophy, and Law Major in LSC, it only seemed natural to join SGA. Since LSC is a tightknit community with a myriad of personalities, my ability to make new friends in LSC stems directly from my experiences within SGA. Currently, I am in the NSEP program near Washington, D.C. and the lessons learned through SGA are coming in handy. I am also able to bring new ideas to the SGA of the college I am currently at, and I will be able to bring some of their ideas and procedures back to NSU’s SGA.

Scott Pichon
Politics, Philosophy, and Law '15


Volunteer Opportunities

NSU houses over 100 recognized student organizations, all of which hold volunteer events. For more information, visit the Living and Learning page. Get involved!


Tutoring Services

Free tutoring is available from the NSU Academic Center at the following places and times. For more information, visit

8am-5pm   M-F   Kyser 239
5pm-8:30pm   M-R  WRAC 208
5pm-8:30pm  Sun-Thurs  Health and Human Performance 119
7pm-10pm Sun-Thurs  Watson Library, 2nd fl reading room